We have worked closely with many different attorneys on litigation matters.  Our highly experienced litigation services professionals work closely with attorneys on a range of civil and criminal litigation matters.  Our work involves examination of information and quantification of economic damages.  We are frequently asked to evaluate economic damages in disputes and are prepared to testify to our opinions as an expert witness in deposition or at trial.  Our experienced professionals are able to summarize voluminous financial information into an understandable and concise format.

LBH has been involved in a wide variety of legal support matters including lost wages, estate settlements, insurance claims, union disputes, business valuations, breaches of contract, fraud, arbitration and accountants' professional liability.  As CPAs, we have unique expertise in a wide range of financial issues and accounting matters.  Our team has the experience and expertise to assist you in reaching a resolution.

Some financial issues may include:

  • economic damages
  • breaches of contracts
  • accounting issues
  • accountant's professional liability
  • arbitration
  • employment issues
  • forensic accounting
  • fraud
  • intellectual property
  • tax and white collar crime